“Heights, our passion” 

Welcome to Gran Pared, the biggest climbing gym in Colombia!
With us you can find fun, adrenaline and especially a good workout. We have more than 20 lanes with more than 50 different routes for all levels. If you are an experienced or amateur climber, you will be able to find routes from the easiest levels to the most technical and advanced ones so that you never stop progressing!!

But if you’re just discovering this amazing sport, if it’s your first time climbing don’t be afraid! In Gran Pared we will guide you from the beginning, we will show you what you should know so that you can enjoy to the maximum our fantastic gym! Remember that you should not be a connoisseur of climbing or have done it before to have fun with us!

We invite you to get to know all of our services and to crave a good climbing session


Climbing can be a fun recreational sport, so it is ideal for spending an afternoon with friends and family, so dare to try something new because we have the perfect plans for you! Climbing has no limits, absolutely everyone can do it and if it is your first time climbing, you should not worry because in Gran Pared we will guide you on your first day!

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If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional gym, if you have personal challenges you would like to overcome or if you are just looking for a fun place to go after leaving work or college, Gran Pared is for you! We have monthly fees, courses for beginners and intermediates as well as weekly guided trainings! Climbing can be a very advantageous sport for our body, it gives us balance, concentration, confidence in ourselves, coordination, elasticity and you will also work all the muscles of the body!
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