Can I go climbing unaccompanied?

Yes, you can come to climb unaccompanied. If you take any of our daily plans you can pay the Belayer service of $ 12,000,  and you will have one of our instructors who will belay you during the climbing session. This service is not exclusive and the insurer is shared with all clients who have its service.

Should I reserve my space to go climbing?

Yes, due to Covid-19 you must make a reservation every time you want to come, even if you have a monthly payment. To reserve you must enter the Booking tab of our website.

I have never climbed, can I climb in Gran Pared?

Of course, to climb with us you don’t have to have done it before. We have a session with Induction service to learn what you need on your first day. You can check it on our page in the SERVICES tab. BEGINNERS. The day you want to come to climb you should only come with comfortable clothes and right there you can start climbing.


Do I have to pay extra for using gym ropes?

All our services include the use of the rope, but if you want to bring yours to lead and you come with another person you can take the Day without rope for two people and it will be cheaper

Can I belay with GriGri?

You can belay with grigri on any of our yoyo routes, but if you are going to lead you must bring your own rope to do it or use ATC with ours.

Do I need a certification to climb at Gran Pared?

Yes, in order to be able to climb and belay on leading or top rope you must pass a test, this will allow us to verify that you comply with all the safety measures. We will give you a card that you must carry at all times in a visible place, every time you come to climb. This is priceless, but in case of loss or damage, it will have a value of $ 5,000. If it is your first time climbing, no problem, we will first teach you how to do it and then we will give you the card.

Can I hold an event or celebrate a birthday at Gran Pared?

At the moment it is only possible at certains hours due to the restrictions of the protocols by the Covid-19. Please contact us Phone: 2884061 or 317 3767694

Do you have parking?

We have parking for bicycles, totally free for our clients. If you come by car or motorcycle, we have several nearby parking lots, on Cra 15 and 16 between streets 53 and 51

Can I go with my pet?

Due to biosecurity measures, in Gran Pared we do not allow the entry of pets, so plan your arrival, and leave your pet at home.