In 2003 the initial partners of Gran Pared met with the idea of supplying the emptiness of a good climbing wall in Bogotá, one that would be at the height of the walls of the United States and Europe so we began to plan this dream , with the aim of providing every day to a greater number of people, the opportunity to know and enjoy safely the benefits of climbing, which is not only a great physical exercise but also increases confidence in our own capacities to face challenges, because it invites us to get higher goals every day and to strive to fulfill them.
In 2004, the idea crystallized and on May 19, we opened the doors of our climbing gym in the city of Bogotá and little by little we have been improving and achieving our goals to provide a safe environment, with motivating routes of all levels of difficulty.
In May 2006 we made the 1st National Climbing Championship and by 2014 we had carried out 9 national championships in the difficulty mode, 5 in the Boulder mode and several children’s championships in both categories.
On December 1st, 2010, our second line of business was given to dictate training courses in safe working in heights for industrial safety, having trained more than 2000 employees from different companies.
In March 2015 we had to deliver the place where our climbing gym worked and as a result, a month later we decided to close also our training center for safe work in heights, in order to reorient our resources to get A place of our own where we could build our new climbing wall and follow only this line of business.
In March 2017 we started the construction of our new climbing gym, and on December 15th of the same year we opened again to the public. Our new wall has a climbing surface of more than 500 square meters, 11 lines with 24 routes, for experienced climbers, 14 lines of “Yoyo” with 30 routes for new generations who want to enter the world of climbing and 4 lines with 8 Mixed routes that can be done in both top rope and lead. Now we can offer our customers a stable place to enjoy this magnificent sport with security and a good service, thus consolidating our dreams, surpassing the difficulties and climbing our own challenges as a company.