Temporarily due to Covid 19 we will not have courses for children or activities for groups of more than two people, but if you are over 14 years old you can take induction services for one or two people, depending on whether you want to climb alone or with another person. Children may climb accompanied by an adult who has taken the Induction and can belay them.

All services require prior reservation, to reserve please enter this link: ¡¡¡RESERVATIONS!!! . Payments can be made in advance through the Store tab or directly at the Gym.



Enjoy two hours of route climbing includes rope and equipment (harness and shoes) 30 minutes of yoyo belaying teaching and 1:30 hours of free practice. Check in the reservations tab  days and hours in which we will have induction service.

$ 45.000 One person

* Two people required to take the induction. If you come alone you should take session with equipment service, plus non-exclusive belayer service.


Enjoy every day you want to do a two-hour shift in a period of 30 consecutive days, includes rope and equipment (harness, shoes and ATC) and four classes of two hours each. It requires coordinating class schedules.

$ 185.000 one person


$ 310.000 two people

* One freeze per month.

* Contact us at 2884061 or WhatsApp 317 3767694 or write to

*For more than 14 years