If you are a beginner or if it is your first time climbing, there is nothing to worry about, we have different plans for you and your friends or family to come and have a good time in our gym: 



If you are looking for a fun plan or want to get out of the rut with a friend, this service offers you the right to climb for unlimited time during the day, it includes all the necessary equipment (harness, shoes, safety system) and also we will teach you to how to belay, or to support the person who is climbing. To take this service you must come with one or more partner (s) to climb!
Remember that our wall is 12 meters high and we have for you more than 10 ways to climb!

– >$35,000 per person



If you are passing through Gran Pared or if you want a little taste of climbing, this service offers you only two climbs to the wall by two different ways of your choice. It includes the harness, the shoes (we use special climbing shoes) and one of our instructors will be holding as you go up.

– >$20,000 per person


If you have ALREADY CLIMBED or if you are already an experienced climber, we have ideal day plans for you to come and practice:



If you already know how to belay and need all the equipment or you lack some element to climb, this service allows you to climb for unlimited time during the day and includes absolutely all the equipment (harness, shoes, ATC system).

– >$30,000



If you already know how to belay and if you have all the equipment, this service offers you free climbing throughout the day, remember that the gym has the ropes, so you only have to bring your harness, your climbing shoes and the system to belay. In Gran Pared we only use ATC system or Grigri * *.

– >$25,000      



If you already know how to belay, you have all of your equipment (rope included) and yo come with your climbing partner, this service offers you free climbing during the day. It does NOT include equipment, rope nor a belayer. 



* Please note that if you come to climb by yourself, you will have to pay the service of the belayer, this service is not included in our prices and has a value of $12,000, it is not an exclusive service, the instructor must be shared with the other clients that count on the service.
* * In our gym you are allowed to use Grigri in our top rope routes, but if you want to lead with Grigri you must bring your own rope to do so.